We are a Daughter and Mother team. Creating together!
Nick and Gigi

Hi! I have been a crafter ever since my mother put a pair of child safe plastic scissors in my hands at age 2. Of course the first thing I did was cut some of my hair off (Mom still can't figure out how I did that!) but that planted a seed that has grown into a forest.

Along the way I fell in love with the sciences, arts, and music. I have a degree in Biology and a teaching certificate for Florida in biology, english, reading and ESOL.
In Livingston University I started playing Advanced Dungeons & Dragons which commanded my attention because it fed my lust for strange facts and fiction. I admit to being a STARGATE fan, STAR TREK enterprise fan, and lover of science fiction. Ancient Egypt, Rome, and Greece facinate me as well. I also LOVE BOOKS- nothing is better than a good book!

I paint with acrylic, oils and watercolors; sew; quilt; make jewlery; sculpt; work with polyclay; and woodwork. This Christmas (2010) I recieved a lampworking kit and now am making beads! I also pull a travel trailer, fish, take pictures, play with my cat and love my mom.

My Mom is the greatest person on earth (in my humble opinion) and she is the knitter, cross-stitcher, and crocheter of the family. I can do all of those too, but I make it a point not to! Because of that I'm not very good at Mom's hobbies- but it does mean I get some really cool gifts.

We live together now that our husbands have past away and divide the chores. I'm the official man of the house- while mom is guess what? MOM!

Because I handcraft each of my items they are never exactly alike. I am not some soul in India crafting hundreds of the same item and getting paid 1 cent per dozen. I am an artist who enjoys many different mediums. I would become BORED STIFF if I made the same thing over and over again- SO I DON’T!
I participate in local craft and art shows, but they tend to be seasonal and do not have a high traffic of people looking at my creations; so I am now on ZIBBET, ETSY, as well as, on my own website which is found at www.enchantedcraft.weebly.com

If you live in my area and would like a mural check me out!