painted chickadee wooden brooch or pin

This pin is black with a delicate chickadee and tiny greenery.
It is made of wood with all elements painted and coated with varnish.

Because I handcraft each of my items they are never exactly alike. I am not some soul in India crafting hundreds of the same item and getting paid 1 cent per dozen. I am an artist who enjoys many different mediums. I would become BORED STIFF if I made the same thing over and over again- SO I DON???T!
I participate in local craft and art shows, but they tend to be seasonal and do not have a high traffic of people looking at my creations; so I am now on ETSY, as well as, on my own website-

I MAIL through the US POST OFFICE and small items are sent in padded envelopes to keep costs down for YOU THE BUYER.
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